Centre joint business support – to promote entrepreneurship in the cross-border area

Centre joint business support – to promote entrepreneurship in the cross-border area

Листопад 24, 2016

logo-jobs3The project is implemented Suceava Chamber of Commerce (Romania), in collaboration with Bukovyna Center for Reconstruction and Development (m. Chernivtsi, Ukraine) Beltskym State University. Alec Russo (Republic of Moldova) and the Association of Regional and Economic Development “ADER” (Romania). The project is implemented within the framework of the Joint Operational Programme “Romania – Ukraine – Moldova 2007-2013” (total cost of the project is 1.439.713,00 euros and the share of EU grant – 1.295.741,70 euros). The project duration is 22 months.

How did the idea of the project

Analysis of the difficulties faced by the business environment in three regions: Suceava County, Chernivtsi Oblast and the Republic of Moldova:

  • – the lowest percentage of foreign investors
  • – insufficient development of management skills
  • – lack of knowledge regarding the sources of financing of SMEs
  • – lack of adequate marketing tools
  • – a low percentage of export-oriented transactions
  • – the need for a modern business center in the cross-border region, which would be used geostrategic potential of the region.

– Carrying out works on modernization of Suceava Chamber of Commerce office, to provide exemplary functional business center.

underscores the role and institutional position Suceava Chamber of Commerce for the promotion and development of economic and investment potential of cross-border region.

The stages of evolution of the project

The project was submitted in January 2012.

In September 2012, the project was extended to the list and moved to the second stage of evaluation.

In June 2013, the notice that the project was recommended for funding.

In September 2013 signed a grant contract.

The project plan:

To support the development of business relations between SMEs in the three project regions.

Involve local authorities, representatives of local government and community organizations to design measures to ensure a favorable climate for the development of business relations in the cross-border region by entering into partnerships between the private and public mektorom.

Develop and support existing SMEs, as they are key to the growth of economic competitiveness in the region.

The main objective of the project is to maintain and consolidate the business environment in the cross-border region through the promotion of economic partnerships and the use of innovative solutions for the development of SMEs in the region.

Key measures: to ensure effective project management; conducting research specific needs of SME cross-border area; joint initiatives for SME development in the cross-border region; creating innovative tools for the sustainable development of SMEs in the cross-border region; a platform e-learning and the promotion of SME cross-border region by creating common business support center – Jo.B.S. Center.

Expected results:

300 companies three regions included in the project activities

330 managers and employees of companies take part in free training

3 regional studies on the real needs of workers in training companies

3 local workshops, in which training will be determined subject

6 training packages on different subjects for each region to be developed and presented to the highest professional level

3 international economic forums for the exchange of experience between SME cross-border region

1 online platform project

1 Center for joint business support (Jo.B.S. Centre), created as part of CCI Suceava

The project is dedicated to SMEs operating in cross-border region of the three countries, as well as entrepreneurs and their employees.


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