Access to information on environmentally friendly products in the cross-border region

a) History of project preparation.

The applicant and partners during an official meeting in Chernivtsi region found that there is a problem of access to informayfyi of organic products in the transboundary region. Residents want to know more about products, but there is no surveillance system. People live and do not know they can have full information about what they buy and the content of one or the other product. The applicant and partners have offices for the project and qualified personnel for training and overall project management.

b) Describe the main goals of the project.

The main goal is the protection of consumers of organic food in the cross-border region.

The specific objectives:

  1. The increase consumer knowledge of environmentally friendly products in the transboundary region. 45 heads and representatives of consumer associations and environmental agencies will participate in trainings and seminars to understand and find a way to solve the problem.
  2. Training attracting 24 journalists to be able to provide information in the media.
  3. Creating a multilingual information portal and web site for users with equal opportunities of Ukraine, Romania and Moldova.
  4. Strengthening communication network between consumers in the target region.
  5. Increase awareness and access to information for local residents.