Program to stimulate healthy lifestyle “Choice of Youth Sports”

Overall objective: to encourage children and young people to a healthy lifestyle, to turn them away from bad habits.
Specific objective: Development of local initiatives;
Promote continuous social, cultural and sports exchange experience;
Improving prospects for young people and their living conditions and leisure;
Interested young people to lead a healthy lifestyle;
Youth Development through Football;
Unusual and interesting sports training in football;
Learning social and life skills, responsibility and self-esteem, promote human values, the formation of public spirit;
Preventing violence, racism and discriminatory behavior;
Raising awareness, consciousness and responsibility of many social issues and development issues that are specific to Ukraine and Romania and Republic of Moldova;
Selection and training of trainers as a model for young people and how their example to improve the behavior of their students;
An example of football stars will show the benefits of a healthy lifestyle;
Zakupne sports equipment;
Show parents that their children can be effective and useful to spend their free time and develop their talents